Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hope's Silent Cry - Abortion

A short film I've made ... Enjoy guys =)

Monday, May 10, 2010

i'm falling apart ...

At times when you are confuse over the sucky things that is happening to you right now, its best to just move away from everything .... yea definitely ^^

im blogging cause i am bored and i didnt wanna detach myself from my bed ...
am suppose to be watching badminton now CAUSE I am nice enough to wake up to make sure Nicole Tan wakes up to watch her badminton LOL ... Yes i blame YOU

this college semester is actually quite relaxing ... only two subjects and all i am learning is photoshop and indesign ... BUT am stressing over the fact that i am going to intern soon AND that i have to decide where I want to take my degree ... normally i am very excited as i am growing up but then I think that time is moving at the speed of light ... its moving so fast that I am afraid of the future ... sometimes i just wish i am back at kindergarten where i just sit on the swings or look at leaves and learn about flora and fauna ~! LOL

If i leave Penang, means i have to leave fireBRANDS, if i stay in Penang, i will be studying a course that i dont like ... sigh ... I shall just surrender everything to GOD ... if HE wants me to be in Penang, then i will, but if he wants me to go far and start something new for HIM, then i will as well ... but i will definitely miss PENANG ... DECISIONS DECISIONS DECISIONS >.< DAMN

Right now i just want to surrender everything to GOD ...

theme song of my current life right now is definitely Broken by LifeHouse
I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain is the healing
In your name I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on
I'm barely holdin' on to you

yes, i am holdin on ...

Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello~! haha, i abandoned my blog for far too long and guess what, i forgot how to configure my own template, so to make things easier for me, i'll just use a default template ... XD

So what made me blog again -
1) i have no where else to rant
2) i have no where else to express
3) i have no where else to complain
4) i have no where else to talk nonsense
5) i have no where else to talk to myself

>.< sad isn't it but who cares?

2010 has been so far the worst year but it gets better every day ... hopefully it stays that way hmmmm

and oh~! i am finishing my studies soon - diploma ...
most probably intern in KL
and hopefully i get to go to one of these places for my degree
1) UK
2) Singapore
3) KL
4) Penang

somesort sick of Penang ... i need to see new PEOPLE ~! LOL
but I dont wanna leave my family, sad ~! ARGH
oh well, lets see where Gods wants me to go ... XD UK UK UK hahaha LOL

Wave Challenge is coming ~!!! WOOOOOOO
Captain ball captain ball captain ball ... this year, the focus was suppose to be FIRST, but at the end, i just wanna have fun, yea definitely ~! SORRY PASTOR XP

feel like going supper, but no one to go with sighhhhhh
i shall continue rotting on my bed ...

I SHALL NOT THINK SO MUCH <--- note to self ... BYE XD

Friday, June 12, 2009

it somehow goes back to the very beginning of the end

its not an interesting post ... dun read ...

very very long didnt update d but what the heck, no one visits anyways HAHA ~!
i'm only doing this for my enjoyment since i got nothing to do and i just seem very out of the mood tonight ... sad i know oh well emo sticks to emo moments LOL ... right ....

so many things have happen lately ... somehow i just couldnt keep up with the time as it goes on so fast and you get older each second ... everytime u go to class, u wait for the time to pass quickly so that you would get your break or go home ... but notice that those time that you were rushing to be faster, is actually the time which u are actually alive ...

Every single moment passes. every moment cherished, every love treasured but all will end up in one place ... the broken dump ... i sound so down but yet im not, its just me lalala ~!
Breaking into the point of exhaustion where EVERYONE THAT WERE CLOSE TO YOU SEEMS SO FAR AWAY out of the sudden ... thats how life works? you have friends/you hang with friends/friends meets new people and became friends/friends being lovely friends for being there/ended up your friend leaving without caring ... wooopidooo ... its not what it seems but its true? ... at a point when u are needed every attention will always be focused on you ... but when everything is settled, you dont see yourself anywhere near them ... its life? They call when they are in need, but when you call ... they are never there ... no matter how close you are to somebody, they'll not stay forever ... its just for a moment period of time ... what happen to those who always calls you to ask you how are you? what happen to those people who ask you to go out ... vanished??? i have yet to see alot of things ... and i dont think im cut out to see it ...

friends ... are they really ur friends? best friends ... do they know you need them? close friends ... where are they when they are needed most? leechers ... those who just sees you as an item ...

anyways ...

whoever that is reading this, i apologise lol ... not intended for the readers to read ... its just me typing what i feel to release my exhaustion ...

friends withold the unity
friends discovered and trust
friends needs you when they are needed
friends never seem bail on you at such
friends builds a tower in your heart
friends ... end up hurting you and leave

Sunday, March 8, 2009

finally update

so as you people already know, im no longer the basketball guy anymore, instead i am now basketball and floorball guy HAHA ~! was not really fond to floorball at first when i first attended a few of its training until Miss Tania invited me to join the PFL (Penang Floorball League) and then i invited Daniel Tan and eventually Mr James Tan and Gary Lee join as well. I bet alot of people out there didnt expect that i would join floorball, but right now im actually loving this contact sport and so is Daniel and James. FIREBRANDS all the way man ~ our never say die attitude will never die till the end of the league ~! LOL POWER BARS hahahaha.

Though basketball is still my first priority but lol can you imagine that i would actually have an intention to buy a stick now?? damn is all James Fault haha ~! oh well

(nice nice?? i love it, fatpipe wiz 29 ice, ahhhh another desire another obsession.)
its either that or i would buy a red one instead or better yet i might consider i hole blade if our coach jason would want me to play forward or center, but for right now is wiz blade for my defender position ^^. ahhhh love it haha

(this is a view of what a hole blade is, daniel tan is buying one ^^)
ahhh this sensational sport will be played throughout my daily life now. Too much to handle?? maybe? maybe not?
who ever that feel like they wanna try this game out, let me know alright? or just come at PBSM center at 2.30pm on saturdays. Firebrands will be training there for now ^^

OH OH ~!!! haha Firebrands started as underdogs at this league as we are new to it and we dont know shit bout this sport but as we progress, we got better and better. Quoted from Pastor Edward : firebrands is by far the fastest learner and the fastest to progress team that he have seen. GO FIREBRANDS LOL. though we lost most of the games but we learn from it, 8-0, 2-1, 6-3, and our latest game 2-2 ~!!!! FIRE BRANDS AND FRONTLINERS OH YEA~! though we are one, but i think FIREbrands could have won but no worries, god wants us to draw for a reason, a reason to toughen our spirits and to continue have that never say die attitude. Firebrands would be different next year ... PFL, just watch this team grow ... is all for GOD or nothing at all... i am proud of my team ....

well i'll stop here , exam tomorrow , SAYONARA :)

forever i'll stay a basketballer, but also part time in floorball ...

forever i'll be yours but i know you'll never be mine ... its okay because though there is an absence of light in between the path of you and me, there will always be a light that will guide me to you. thanks for the memories

currently : not laughing at joyce
listening to : moments of truth and six candles by FM static
mood : not moody yet not happy
going to : study and reply my sms
craving for : more floorball competitions

Saturday, January 3, 2009

hair cut >.<

OKAY ~! i trim my freaking hair and i regret every second of it LOL , every snip the barber took i was praying that it will look nice, but nwo i end up looking like a girl ~! sucks being me now haha ... i want my long hair back `!!! argh but its okay, hair can grow haha ...

im suppose to post about my new painted room which is blue and green but im too lazy to post up pictures of it ... so i'll delay the post once again woot ~! sorry guys

so enough with the hair ... 2008 was just way way hectic for me ... its a year with so many decisions to be made and dreams to be tore down ~! having to see my dearest ones leaving to places ... and worst having my kindy friend going all the way to langkawi for NS ~! sucks right lol but its a phase where everyone has to go through ... 2008 a year which is so dramatic, a year so full of drama, a year that has scenes of drama tv shows where tears and or hatred break through in life ... maybe at times its just so happening that life is just like a drama? everyone acts and at the end, everyone talks bout it and laugh.. NO?? or am i right hee ... but a drama always ends up with happy endings , but my drama life jsut ends up in total chaos HAHA

love? whats love? here it goes again, andrew with his love talk ... but hey im serious ... what is love? can u define it? if u do know what isit. can u tell me? i know someone who does, my walking dictionary CALEB YEOH haha ... i love the way how caleb defines love ... i heard it once, but i forgot what isit ~! so caleb do tag my board on what LOVE is ... eveyone can just use the word love in so many ways when they dont know what it really means? what does the word love carries, how strong a word that can be but people just use it in vain ... i love you, this three words could demolish a persons future, even their life, ended up being a serial killer LOL JOKE ... *love* is it just a feeling? no? is it just a word? no? is it just a word of unending lie?? hmmmmm ... how do u people define it?

to me, love means forgiving ... weird but yea ... not gonna go into detail with it but to me it means to forgive someone if u love them ... whats the point loving someone if u do not forgive the mistake that they have done ... lets put it in a different point of perspective, jesus died for our sins, forgive us everytime we did something wrong, WHY?? cause he loves us ... see my point? haha kk i'll stop here xd

*forever* another word to pay attention to ... what does it mean to u? forever? unending? infinity? everlasting? why not u tell me? LOL never use this word if u dun ever mean it ... though people do use this word in vain as well `! nevertheless, it may jsut be a word ... to me , its a word that carries a strong influence towards a persons life ... and i shall give my opinion again ... to me , forever is trust ... wannaknow why? not gonna tell u ... go figure it out HAHA

so back to 2008 ... i'll post my whole entire 2008 after i post about my room ... OKAY>? ahhaha ~! so u all would jsut have to wait >.< if any of u still come to my blog la that is lol ... so im gonna sotp here ... wanna go cry at my new hair d LOL

currently = having some thoughts bout a certain someone
listening to = secondhand serenades entire album (his songs are fantastic)
craving for = cheese ~!!!
looking forward to = first day of college
mood = neutral
laughing at = joyce ~! cause she thinks she HEN MEI XD lol jokin

if you leave me tonight, i'll wake up alone
dont tell me that i have to face this on my own

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas party 08

i know i am like so many weeks late with my post but haha who cares ... my blog anyways woot ~! so lets see ... this year i receive presents from friends BUT NONE from family ... what to do , economy going down, people living at the line where they are suffering and all ... so be glad that we still could have a party and exchange of gifts during christmas ... many people are already happy to receive just one PEANUT for a present ... im serious LOL

so the party was at deborah's house, wasnt hard to find ... jsut have to look for a house with many ANNOYING/loud kids ...LOL firebrands are loud im serious , thats why we have the irresisable influence towards other people right? lol one thing bout the party is that, htere aint enough food, haha khai hern and khai shin had like 2 piece of roti canai? i had two piece of pizza and thats it ... i had lots of fun taking candid pictures of people,


and lots more ... lazy to wait for the stupid loader to load all the pics ... more pics on my facebook ...

oh and the food jam SYSTEM >.<
pics ....

so jam just to get food right? and it proves that firebrands has smart people when it comes to food ... you know why?? see the next picture

HAHA we took the whole container of fries to ourself ... not bad right? well it may seem selfish but haha ... well i didint had any of it cause i was too busy taking pics ... diidnt wanna get my camera oily ... XD

later after the banquet ... all came together and sing carols wooo XD pics pics

oh dang i forget bout the string game >.< stupid judson and gerald KNS one lol ... that game is somehow dumb but very very interesting ... will get it one day ... maybe tonight during pastor's barbeque ~!!! judson u wait ... i'll conquer the game LOL

and it all ended in messy present receiving session ~! PICS

and after the present thingy ~! sesi syok sendiri WOOT lol

more pics in my facebook ... lazy to upload d >.<
all in all ... fantastic christmas

next post ... my new painted room hee ...

currently : sick like a mad cow
listening to : love remains the same by gavin rossdale
craving for : pasta
looking forward to : new semester in college

half the time the world is ending
the truth is i am done pretending